A Mother's Message

Kadiatou Diallo
Kadiatou Diallo

I was thrilled to hear the excitement in my son’s voice when he called me January 31, 1999 from New York City.

“I’m so happy right now, Mom! I am going to do it.”

“Do what?” I asked from my home in Guinea.

“Enroll in College,” he enthusiastically replied.

I asked him if he needed my help, and he said, “No, I only need your prayers.”

That was the last phone call I had with my son.

Four days later, February 4th, 1999, my world as I knew it was forever changed, and so was my role as a mother. I was thrust into a new role, one that I could have never imagined, but am fully committed to – ensuring the legacy of my son and speaking out against the injustices that resulted in his death.

The Amadou Diallo Foundation Scholarship Program was established in honor of Amadou’s academic dreams. In the spirit of Amadou, the foundation has, thus far, proudly given away 27 scholarships.

Amadou will always have my prayers, as he requested. And part of that prayer now is to support other eager students in realizing their academic dreams. While Amadou’s dreams may never be realized, through this scholarship program, and with your generous support, others will be.


With profound gratitude,

Kadiatou Diallo